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Ms. Pamela Vasquez Contreras,  
Ms. Pamela Vasquez Contreras,  
Ejecutiva de Ventas  
Ejecutiva de Ventas  
E-mail: ventasregiones@hotelsanmartin.cl  
E-mail: ventasregiones@hotelsanmartin.cl  
Phone: +56 (32) 246-2248  
Phone: +56 (32) 246-2248  
Fax: +56 (32) 268-9195
Fax: +56 (32) 268-9195

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VVV Conference 2012


VVV Science Meeting 2012

The 3rd VISTA Variables in the Via Lactea Science Meeting will be held at Vina del Mar, Chile, 22-24 March 2012.

Registration is open.

Scientific Rationale

VISTA Variables in the Vía Láctea (VVV) is one of the six ESO Public Surveys selected to operate with the new 4-meter VISTA Telescope. VVV is scanning the Milky Way bulge and an adjacent section of the midplane, where star formation activity is high. The survey will take 1929 hours of observations during five years (2010–2014), covering ~109 point sources across an area of 520 deg2, including 33 known globular and ~350 open clusters. During the First VVV Meeting we will discuss the first scientific results of the VVV Survey and plan strategies for the next few years.



Registration for all participants must be made directly by email to Roberto Saito. Please include your First and Last Name,Institution, Country and in the case you are planning to contribute with a talk or poster, please send us an informative title. The deadline is February 24 and there is no fee for registration. We are trying to get funds to provide financial support forstudents, but, unfortunately, that is still uncertain.


First Announcement

Third VVV Science Meeting, 22-24 March 2012, Vina del Mar, Chile.

We are glad to announce the Third VISTA Variables in the Via Lactea Survey's Science Meeting, to be held in Vina de Mar, Chile, from 22 to 24 of March, 2012. During three days we will discuss the results of the first two years of the VVV Survey as well as to plan the strategies for the next years.

The Meeting is being planned to include contributed talks, poster sessions and plenary discussions. In order to help us plan ahead, if you plan to come please send your basic information (name, institution and contribution) to the address [1]. Students are specially welcome to attend. Further information about registration, venue and program will be released soon.

We are looking forward to see you in Vina!




The Conference will be held at Hotel San Martín, situated across the street from the beach and enclosed in the gastronomical heart of Vina de Mar. Reservations must be made directly at the hotel before February 24, 2012, and the participants should mention they will participate in the VVV Science Meeting in order to get special prices. After February 24 the hotel does not guarantee the availability of rooms for the participants. For any question about the reservations please contact:

Ms. Pamela Vasquez Contreras, Ejecutiva de Ventas E-mail: ventasregiones@hotelsanmartin.cl Phone: +56 (32) 246-2248 Fax: +56 (32) 268-9195

Traveling to Viña del Mar

Aerial view of Viña del Mar

Flying to Santiago

The International Airport of Santiago (code SCL), officially called Arturo Merino Benítez, is located on the outskirts of Santiago. Public transport is available between the airport and downtown Santiago, with options including buses, minibuses and taxis. We highly recommend using the official transport offered by Santiago airport. Further information can be found at | http://www.aeropuertosantiago.cl/. Those who wish to travel directly from the airport to Viña del Mar can take a bus (details at the link above) or taxi to Estación Pajaritos, from there you can catch a bus to Viña del Mar. Alternatively, if you arrive on a LAN flight it is possible to book a direct transfer from the airport to Viña. This journey must be booked in advance with LAN and is apparently not available to passengers arriving on other airlines | http://www.lan.com/asociados/informacion/datos_uso_diario/buses_vina.html.

Night view from Valparaiso towards Viña del Mar

Going to Viña del Mar

Viña del Mar is a Chilean commune and coastal city in Valparaíso Province, 120km from Santiago. Viña is also known as La Ciudad Jardín ("The Garden City") for displaying big green areas. It has precious beaches, with long avenues that limit with the ocean. During December the average temperature in Viña del Mar ranges from 15.6C (59.3F) to 23.1C (73.4F) with little rain, ~10 mm/month. A regular bus service connects Viña to Santiago every 10-20min during the day. (see turbus or pullman bus).


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Local Organizing Committee

Science Organizing Committee

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