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Infrared K-band finding charts for service mode observations.

Instrument: CTIO SMARTS 1.3-m telescope + ANDICAM IR array

Program ID: CHILE-10A-0001

PI: Marcio Catelan

IMPORTANT NOTES for the finding charts

3 finding charts are provided for each of our targets. The description of these are as follows:

  1. The first one shows a larger slice of the sky (2MASS K mosaic image), to help the observer navigate to the target if necessary. The field of view (FoV) of the ANDICAM IR array, as it should be positioned at the first step of the dithering sequence, is shown by a red shaded area. The name of the target variable star is also indicated on the chart.
  2. The second finding chart is a zoomed-in version of the first one. The objects marked with blue circles all have to be present in the joint FoV of the dithering sequence, because they are necessary for us to establish an appropriate ensemble for differential photometry. IMPORTANT: In order to have all the marked stars in the joint FoV (after reduction), it is essential for us that the FoV is positioned by the observer as identically as possible to the one shown by the red shaded area, before the dithering sequence is started. (We are willing to pay the price, in terms of telescope time, for the necessary extra overheads.)
  3. The third finding chart is almost identical to the second one, but it also shows all the FoV's for the complete 5-step dithering sequence by a green shaded area. The joint FoV is visible in the center.

Finding Charts

Zoom by clicking on the images.

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